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Some of our preferred programming languages and tools include
° Java ° Microsoft.Net
° PHP ° C
° Perl ° C#
° CGI ° Assembly
° Python    
We also have a sound RDBMS backup and our platform consists of
   •   ORACLE
   •   MS SQL
   •   MS-Access
   •   My Sql
   •   Post Gre Sql
The websites and portals we design understandably look the way our clients want them to look like. And this becomes all the more possible since the people who design these sites know their WINDOWS and their LINUX well.
Technology the word
The word TECHNOLOGY might mean a thousand things to a thousand people but for us web and software developers and our clients and prospective clients it usually refers to the various software, installations and devices that our computers are equipped with. Since these are precisely those tools that help our clients get what they want, we thought they might like to know about them in detail.
Our multimedia programming team works mostly with
MACROMEDIA (Director, Freehand, Dreamweaver, Flash)
ADOBE (PhotoShop, Illustrator, PREMIERE & AFTER EFFECTS)
Software Testing and Quality Assurance with Rtizen
We have all along been saying that we are a software development firm we are a software development firm!!! But we never said that we work with magic wands. And software often behaves like tricky little monsters at the final stages of their development. But of course at Rtizen, we turn and twist each limb of a software program, to ensure it does not do anything out of the way at our client’s place. Technologically speaking this procedure is called ‘software testing’ and Rtizen has a software testing department that ensures the quality and proper functioning of the programs. Our testing team’s quality and proper functioning are on the other hand ensured by Windows and UNIX systems.
Other Areas of Expertise
Client Server
Business Objects
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