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Market Basket Analysis
This is about determining an optimum marketing strategy for a specific product relating to a typical industry, by analyzing the past sales pattern in terms of the buyer’s socio-economic credentials. Hence, the purpose is to pave the way for a better understanding of your customers according to their varying needs and resources and thereby providing each of them tailor-made proposals to maximize your returns. Let your strategy be more penetrative in the market by simply disintegrating your pull of customers into homogenous segments so that in future course, you can serve these segments through policies close to their heart.
Productivity Analysis & Quality Assessment
This is in a way, interweaved with the last section; as a better understanding of your customers can be fruitful only if you realize the loopholes on your end and is ready to cement it. Here the target is to analyze the credentials of two vital sections of your execution cycle; namely, the manufacturing and sales personnel, in terms of their productivity. Since the goal to reach out to the customer’s heart largely rests on the eagerness of your employees to pay back the organization the highest quality of work, it would be beneficial on your part to assess your work-environment and to take remedial actions for a prosperous future.
Market Research
Market Basket Analysis
Organizational Climate Survey
Predictive Analysis
Business Process Optimisations
Brand Analysis
Again, it is an integral part of the first section, as it is related to identification of the factors responsible for the sales of a particular product in a given industry and to analyze their credentials on a priority basis. Therefore, this is to make sure that your product is strategically penetrating the market leaving no factors kept unexplored that might just affect the sales. In case you have clustered your buyers into relatively homogeneous segments according to the standard socio-economic scale, it will provide you with the factors influential from the sale’s aspect for each of those segments; and eventually with a strategy tailor-made to reach out to each of them. Thus, ultimately you end up with having an optimum business strategy that satisfies each of your valued customers and pays due regard to your investments.
Customer Satisfaction
Today, we are living in an open-market economy where the lion’s share goes to the buyer’s desire and satisfaction. Accordingly, the target is to go deep into the buyer’s skin and to let you updated by their feelings and thoughts regarding your product. Now it could be done in two ways; one is from the trading perspective in case you are dealing with someone else’s product. Assessment of satisfaction is then related to analyzing the credentials of your traders as also about your selling strategies. Instead, if you are selling your own products, you will surely be interested in how your buyers feel about your manufacturers and to the services provided to them while selling the products. In brief, this is geared to know your customers better so that a sense of fulfillment creeps in their mind while coming to your doorstep.
Organizational Climate Survey
Organizational climate, as is perceived by a member of the organization, is one of the important determinates of his or her motivation and involvement in work. While the climate is built up through practices and behaviors of its members, it is molded, from time to time, by management directives and guidelines as well as by external influence affecting work-culture and interpersonal relations. It reveals employees’ perception about the organizational climate and help management in identifying areas to address. Therefore, it is about framing a dynamic mechanism so that just like your customers, you understand your employees better as well and thus, is reciprocative to the second section.
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