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Open Healthcare System
E-Arogya is a comprehensive health care solution, which covers the administrative as well as the functional part of a health care organization. It is designed for multispeciality hos-
pitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It is an integrated end–to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow. Hospital Management Information System solves your day to day running of a health care organization.
The basic objective of E-Arogya is to cover every possible requirement of the health care sector on a functional domain. At the same time it would construct a consolidated DATABANK, and use its own data-mining tool to fish out relevant data to get the effective MIS and analysis reports as per WHO guideline.
In short all legacy and isolated solutions would be replaced with a single window integrated solution.
Background of E-Arogya
As an Independent Software Vendor we have come across different types of requirements placed by different clients. At the same time, our self-funded encapsulated user/market surveys have revealed the need for an integrated solution in the healthcare sector for the benefit of both the customer/patient as well as the doctor/management.
Open Healthcare System
The Technology behind E-Arogya
Technical Details
Front end developed with JSP as front end, PostgreSQL as backend and Ajax as middle layer.
Future Software
Smart Cards. Electronic Patient Records, portal service, tele medicine
Future Hi-Tech Utility
Introduction of web-enabled modules like E-Registration, E-Appointments, E-View Lab Reports...
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A properly designed software solution can actually put an end to much of the hassles encountered by both the aforementioned groups. In most hospitals the need of the hour is an in depth study of the existing procedures to streamline them. The current procedures may have been effective when incorporated but since then, the business requirement has changed, the environment has changed, the doctor/patient ratio has changed, the investigating techniques have changed, the surgical procedures have changed and the patient population has exploded
Technology Involved
As the total solution will be maintained from a centrally monitored server, we have to choose a solution based on web technology. More so because both front end and backend development tools will be based on open source technology.
The web server : Tomcat Apache Web Server
Solution Technology : JSP, Struts, AJAX
Language : Java
Database Usage : Postgre SQL
Middleware Technology : XML based layer..
Data tier : Stored Procedures
Report : Displayed in Internet Explorer and Excel based, PDF
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